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Top Wedding Trends For 2020

January 23, 2020 (0) Comments

Top Wedding Trends For 2020

Like everything, Wedding trends come and go. These days there is no such thing as a ‘traditional’ wedding with couples opting to personalise their big-day’s their way. Thankfully brides are no longer pigeon holed as classic or boho and guest no longer have to go through the summer attending identical weddings and eating chicken dinners.

The biggest trend of all right now is individuality with couples celebrating their own individual love stories in their own individual way….

Sustainable Weddings

From minimising travel miles and food waste to using recycled products and sourcing locally many couples are looking to reduce the environmental and ethical impact of their big days. Choosing to use recycled paper for your stationery and doing something meaningful like a charity donation instead of favours are all super-popular ways of keeping your big day green.

Veggie and Vegan Menus

Catering guru and owner of Cheeky Chilli Event Catering Kim Maher said a huge number of couples are now opting for a 100% veggie or vegan feast. ‘Street food style feasts and more casual options such as BBQ’s and grazing tables are super-popular now with couple’s wanting to eat the food they love rather than traditional wedding fayre. It’s not just a trend, it’s a definite shift in lifestyle.’

Go Wild

Its not just the straws in the post ceremony Bellini’s that are sustainable, more and more couples are seeking out sustainable blooms. From locally foraged, seasonal wildflowers and foliage to a hike in the use of dried flowers is all about getting your look whilst saving the planet.

Wedding Cake Creations

Forget icing you’d crack your teeth on and stodgy fruit cakes, these days wedding cakes are a work of art. Decorated in everything from gold leaf and edible flowers to metallic icing drips and lashings of buttercream they also need to taste as good as they look. Even Harry and Megan went off piste with their lemon and elderflower cake – delicious and modern, just like them.

Two Wedding Dresses

It might be your biggest clothing purchase ever but now it’s all about the dual dress reveal. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Billie Faiers and Ellie Goulding (who wore no less than 4 outfits on her big day) have made the two dress trend a staple. Changing onto a second dress or even jumpsuit for your reception allows you to really let your own personality and style shine.

Gender Mixed Wedding Parties

As most of our friendship groups are well and truly mixed these days there has been a massive growth in mixed gender bridal and groom parties. The rise of the ‘bridesman’ and ‘groomswoman’ is set to hit new heights in 2020.

Table Décor

Huge centrepieces are no more – it’s all about dramatic styling and personalisation. Couples want their wedding breakfast to look and feel like a high end restaurant experience with coloured cutlery, beautiful layered crockery and textured décor all making an appearance. Layering

Natural Locks

Call it the Meghan Markle effect but the overly ‘done’ do is most definitely out. Freshly washed tresses, natural waves and the un-done bun are what it’s all about this season so step away from the hairspray ladies.

Confetti Is So Last Year

If you must go with confetti is must be sustainable, so dried petals all the way. This year you will see less and less confetti with bubbles and fabulous ribbon wands taking over as the most Instagrammable post ceremony must-haves.

Statement Veils

If you are going down the veil route its all about going big or going home! Ever since Hilary Baldwin went bold with her ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ veil brides can’t get enough of personalised, cathedral length creations that really pack a punch.

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