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ChloBo’s Stunning NEW ‘Confetti Falls’ Collection

January 20, 2020 (0) Comments

ChloBo’s Stunning NEW ‘Confetti Falls’ Collection

The ChloBo jewellery brand is all about freedom, spirituality and love. Launched by founder and creative director Chloe Moss just over ten years ago the company has grown to become one of the UK’s most recognised jewellery brands and a real favourite with both fashionistas and an ever-growing army of celebrity fans…

Created with the finest products and driven by an ever-changing range of inspiring designs ChloBo helped launch the concept of ‘stackable’ collections, encouraging fans to personalise their looks and reflect their own individuality.

Inspired by Chloe’s trips to the island of Bali combined with her Caribbean heritage, ChloBo reflects the magical spirituality of these island paradise’s as well as her passion for creating new pieces, each with their own special meanings.

Fall In Love With ‘Confetti Falls’

With its wide appeal and spiritual influence, ChloBo has long since been a favourite wedding day gift and bridal accessory. With this in mind the brand has now launch a dedicated wedding collection ‘Confetti Falls’.  Created with jewels suitable for brides, bridesmaids and flower girls, fresh-water pearls take centre stage in this magical collection.

The precious stone is believed to symbolise purity, generosity and loyalty – values suitable for a special day.

Alongside pearls, at the core of Confetti Falls is a heart and star charm, representing love and bringing wishes to life.

Each necklace within the collection is adjustable, whilst the bracelets are available in two different size options, creating the best fit for both maids of honour and flower girls.

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