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How Will The Coronavirus Impact My Wedding…

March 24, 2020 (0) Comments

How Will The Coronavirus Impact My Wedding…

We’ve recently updated this feature please scroll to see the latest date and information….

I have been thinking about writing this piece for a few days now, but didn’t really know where to start…

All around me, venues, suppliers and of course couples are facing the stark reality of an industry turned upside down due to a situation that no one ever saw coming and can do little to control.

On a personal level, I have been busy planning my own daughter’s destination wedding in Greece this August and speak to suppliers from across the wedding industry on an hourly basis, so I understand first-hand the immense amount of stress this situation is causing.

Anxiety, stress and fear is rife and for couples due to say ‘I Do’ in the next few days and weeks their worry-levels must be at breaking point.

So Where Do We Go From Here?

That’s it, it’s official, no weddings or public gatherings planned in at least the next three weeks can go ahead.

We know this must be devastating news for so many of you and our hearts go out to each and every one of you. That said, the government have only taken these measures to flatten the current curve of cases and fatalities and pull us through this crisis sooner rather than later.

You must try and take some comfort from the fact that postponing your big day will help to save lives and protect your nearest and dearest.

You are still in love, you need each other more than ever and wow, when we get through this imagine what an amazing celebration you will have!

What Are Venues Saying?

 We seem to be getting quite a mixed bag of responses from venues.

Most are being amazing – helping couples to reschedule and trying to eliminate any additional costs. That said, they are still working through the news themselves and are working hard to try and keep their businesses open post crisis so please be as patient as you can.

They must prioritise couples who are due to get married in the next few weeks as obviously, their plans will have to change so if you are due to get married in late May / early summer, you may not be top of their list right now, so sit tight, stay in touch and try and remain positive.


GET IN TOUCH – If you are experiencing frustration with the way your venue is handling your date change, please get in touch as we may be able to help.

You can email us direct HERE and our team will help as much as we possibly can.


Support Our Suppliers

Many suppliers are small businesses providing bespoke services so will be massively affected by any cancellations and slowdowns in trade. Be mindful that many of these businesses could face total ruin if they experience high levels of cancellations and so please honour your deposits, even if your dates are shifting and keep planning and booking to help keep these artisan experts afloat.

Our wedding industry is the best in the world and these hard working caterers, designers, photographers,  florists, planners and bakers really need your support if they are to survive post epidemic.

Your Destination Wedding

For many couples, their dream destination weddings are also now hanging in the balance.

With many airlines cancelling flights and much of Europe on lockdown, many couples will be forced to either postpone or change their plans entirely.

Our best advice is to speak to your destination wedding planner, venue and suppliers to see where they stand on the current situation.

So far, it looks as though most destination wedding specialists are working hard to change dates, move deposits and generally do anything they can to help couples safeguard their plans.

For those of you forced to abandon travel plans altogether, many of our UK venues are putting together special packages for couples affected by the lockdown and offering special rates for dates they still have available here in the UK.

We are currently reaching out to all our venues so will bring you additional updates on this as soon as we have further details.

Honeymoon Planning

If you are still planning your once in a lifetime trip, crack on and if you are due to travel in late spring or summer you will probably be ok.

Other than that, our advice would be to hold-off on that big booking and look a little closer to home. There are thousands of romantic cottages, lodges and boutique hotels closer to home and at the end of the day it’s just about the two of you spending some precious time together. That epic trip can be put on ice for a little while longer.

Wedding Insurance

Many of you will have (very sensibly) taken out wedding insurance to cover major cancellations and supplier issues.

If you are due to get married in the next few months it would be a good idea to contact your insurers and find out what is covered in relation to Covid-19 right now.

Our understanding is that as we speak, taking the decision to cancel because you are ‘worried’ about the situation is not covered on most general insurances, so make sure you find out where you stand before you make any rash decisions and read the small print!!

Most Of All Try Not To Worry

A wedding should be a magical time filled with excitement and romance. If you are just starting out on your wedding journey – keep going and enjoy it. For those of you with more pressing concerns, talk to your venues and suppliers – they are lovely people with acute worries just like you, so let’s all try and work together to get the best outcome for everyone.

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