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Meet The Expert – Earth Florists

April 16, 2019 (0) Comments

Meet The Expert – Earth Florists

Earth in Heswall has been synonymous with providing spectacular blooms and floral designs for many years now. But their beautiful shop front, gorgeous window displays and ever-growing reputation for excellence hides a story of total passion and extreme determination that is even more beautiful than the flowers they sell.


Meet Sian. A highly respected and focussed banking professional working with some of the UK’s leading investment banks. Her power-woman exterior helped her rise to the top of what is a male dominated industry and succeed at the very highest level in the super competitive (and stressful) world.

After years working long hours and living the rat-race in London, Sian finally became pregnant with her miracle baby William. ‘I decided at that point that the stress and all-consuming banking industry was no longer for me,’ said Sian. ‘So I decided to try my hand at being a housewife and guess what, that wasn’t really for me either!’

Not long after this Sian was blessed with a second pregnancy. ‘Unfortunately things didn’t go to plan this time and I became quite ill. Doctors discovered a tumour in my womb and my pregnancy had to end at seventeen weeks and I was told I wouldn’t be able to have any more children.  We were all devastated but I kind of went into fight mode. Whilst I was waiting to find out if I needed Chemo I started to look into the only thing I knew I loved  that could make me happy and wasn’t about making money. Flowers.’

Earth To Sian!

Sian signed up for a floristry course and after 6 months of waiting for the nightmare to be over and her bloods were stable enough she packed her scissors and headed off to floristry school.

‘I literally lost myself in the beauty of flowers,’ said Sian. ‘Learning all about how they work, how to take care of them and create beautiful designs was so healing and I was absolutely hooked.’


As a little girl growing up in Heswall, Earth was Sian’s go-to shop for gifts and Mothers Day presents. ‘If I couldn’t work at Earth I didn’t want to work anywhere. I was so lucky to get my placement there and I’ve never left.’

When the previous owners were thinking about selling up Sian jumped in. ‘I just said ‘I’ll buy it – and then thought, oh no, I don’t earn mega-bucks and actually haven’t got any money but my two heroes, my Dad and my husband came up trumps and somehow found the money to help make my dream a reality.’

Flower Power

Now, several years on and with thousands of bouquets and hundreds of weddings under her belt Sian is continuing to build Earth’s reputation as one of the finest, most innovative florists in the North.

“I absolutely love every element of the job,’ said Sian. ‘From the guys who call in just to surprise their wives with something beautiful on a whim to large scale events and of course weddings, it really is a dream come true.

“My motto is, go big or go home and I think my work reflects that. I love doing large scale, natural looking installations and working with the finest blooms to create stunning bouquets and designs. I love it when brides cry when they see their bouquets and tell me how the flowers were the talking point of the day. I guess my style is natural and modern but its constantly evolving. I put my heart and soul into every piece I create and just love seeing the reaction that creates.

“I guess flowers saved me. I know that’s a big statement but when you find something you love you just have to go with it. I’m literally living proof of that.”

To find out more about Earth and their stunning work please visit:

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