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Runaway Bride

March 20, 2019 (0) Comments

Runaway Bride

Oh Darling…Let’s Just Elope!

Couples choosing to elope is on the up. If you love the idea of sacking off all the planning and jetting off somewhere fabulous, just the two of you, you still need to give your runaway wedding some thought.

Making your big day just about the two of you might be the most romantic of ideas but you still need to make your day memorable and handle the fall-out from your decision as sensitively as possible.

With all that in mind here’s our mini-guide on what to consider if you are planning on ‘disappearing’ to tie the knot…

Make Sure It’s the Right Decision For You

So it’s a great story to tell the grandkids but is it the right decision for you? There can be a lot of guilt associated with an eloping so you need to give your decision a lot of thought and make sure you are 100% committed.

Saving money, avoiding unnecessary fuss or family drama are all valid reasons for choosing elopement but make sure it is something you BOTH want.

Be Ready To Reveal All

Naturally some of your family and friends will be disappointed that you have chosen to elope, but once the initial shock has passed you will probably find they are still really delighted for you. That said it might be an idea to plan a celebration party for when you get back, or if you would prefer to announce the news quietly as least make sure your nearest and dearest hear the news from you rather than on the grapevine or even worse via social media!

Don’t Dismiss A Bit of Planning

The idea of throwing your basics into a case and running off may sound like it’s straight from a Hollywood movie but you still need to put some thought into your day – after all you still want a memorable wedding day. If you are planning to jet off it’s a good idea to appoint a planner in the location to help with suppliers and make sure you get the day you want. And of course, you still need to look fabulous so make sure you have given your outfits some serious thought. You might want to go for something really individual but you still need to rock the alternative look on your big day.

Capture The Moment

For couples who elope it’s more important than ever to capture the big day. Friends and family will want to see every detail and because they are not there to share it with you it’s vital you get some special shots to document the event. OK, so its all about the two of you – but you don’t want to be left with a pile of sub-standard selfies to showcase your day.

Make It Memorable

So you don’t have to think about beef or chicken for the main course or whether Aunty Nelly would prefer white or red but you still need to make your day memorable. Book into an amazing restaurant or arrange a sunset picnic on the beach; go scuba diving or climb a mountain –  the absolute best thing about eloping is that you can do whatever you both want to make the day as memorable and special as possible.

Don’t Forget The Legals

Don’t do a ‘Mick Jagger’ and run off to a Balinese beach, marry a supermodel then find out 20 years later that is wasn’t legally binding. Make sure you find out how many days before you need to register the wedding and fill out any relevant paperwork – and do not forget to pick up your marriage certificate before you head home!

Joining the John Lewis Wedding List bandwagon is just not an option here. Choosing elopement means you forfeit some of the added value elements of getting married. Sure, your family may want to treat you when you back – but don’t bank on that new Nexpresso machine as it might not happen!

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