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Sweet Sensations

April 8, 2019 (0) Comments

Sweet Sensations

Wedding cakes have been an important part of the marriage ceremony since Mediaeval times. Traditionally made with wheat they were an important symbol of fertility and the groom would break the loaf over his brides’ head to prove his virility!

If cake on your head isn’t your thing why not ring the changes with one of 2019 top table trends for show-shopping cakes. Once you’ve decided if its lemon, madeira, chocolate or fruit, its time to decide how you want to dress the cake of your dreams.

From confections inspired by Harry and Meghan’s Royal affair to copper-covered cakes, these are the styles that should be on your radar…


The delicious trend that just keeps on giving Naked cakes aren’t going anywhere. Not only do these bare little beauties look stylish, especially for a rustic themed affair, they also allow you to get experimental with your fillings and flavours too.

Tall Tiers

Short stacks are so last year! If you want to update the look of your wedding cake, opt for elongated tiers. From single layers to super-tall tower cakes this look can work with just about every cake style. Add a bit of an ombre metallic finish and you are single handily leading the 2019 trends but make sure it tastes as good as it looks.


These marvellous metallics are mirroring current interior design trends. Perfect when paired with traditional white, cream and pink hues or even dark, dramatic accent colours they are perfect for a classic or contemporary theme.

Au Natural

Elements of nature are still a big trend and the rule is the bolder the better. Work closely with both your baker and florist to ensure your homage to the outdoors is more unstructured chic then weedy flower bed! This look works best with a rough buttercream finish but can also sublime with traditional Royal icing for a more elegant finish.

Featured Natural Cake by Kate at Chocoshack


Flowers have long since been used as decoration on cakes but a new generation of cake designers have taken this trend to the next level. Decorating and in some case baking your cake with gorgeous edible plants and petals not only looks stunning it can also be quite cost effective when compared with traditional sugar craft.

Take note though, everyday florist blooms are generally not suitable so make sure you or your cake artist only buy 100% organic products that have been grown in fresh soils with no pesticides.

Featured Botanical Cake By Antonia Fulton- Ruffe

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