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The Bridesmaid’s Guide To Organising An Epic Hen-Do…

August 15, 2019 (0) Comments

The Bridesmaid’s Guide To Organising An Epic Hen-Do…

So you have been asked to be a bridesmaid and you are, naturally, over the moon! You can’t wait to watch your bestie / sister walk down the aisle and marry the man of her dreams and you know you are going to be the best bridesmaid EVER!!

But first there is one small hurdle to get over – the Hen Party! Planning the perfect send-off for your number one girl is no mean feat. It’s got to be the perfect mix of fun, fabulous photos and unforgettable memories and the pressure is on to throw a party like a pro.

Fear not bridesmaid virgins, we have gathered together our top five golden rules for planning the best bachelorette bash ever. Follow these simple tips and we are sure you will go down in history as the ‘bestest’ bridesmaid party planner ever…

1. Planning Is Everything

From making sure your timings are spot on to organising transport for your party day, planning really is everything. Now we are not suggesting a full-blown spreadsheet (God forbid) but writing down a schedule and being ahead of the game is everything. And don’t go it alone, you may be the ‘main maid’ but brides rarely have just one bridesmaid to gather your dream team around you and delegate jobs to the most appropriate maids to help get the job done. Set up a WhatsApp group and make sure you do any online ordering, hotel or experience booking well in advance.

2. Manage The Budget Effectively

Getting your ‘I Do Crew’ to pay in advance is the only option here. You don’t want to be left with a bill for 17 expresso martinis and an extra hour with the butler in the buff do you? Have a contingency budget for last minute expenses – you can always throw it back in the kitty if you don’t need it and it will mean you don’t have to sell a kidney to make sure your bestie has a heavenly hen.

Break each element of the day up into chunks and pop the cash in envelopes so you know you have everything covered. Its so easy to go overboard with little extras but make sure you are sharing the costs evenly with your fellow hens.

3. Know Your Audience

Before you start whipping out the rude props and ranking up the cringe factor, make sure your bride is up for it! A lot of hens like to keep things quite classy and low key these days whilst others still have willy straws and a blow-up groom firmly on their wish list. Its absolutely key to suss out the future Mrs before you start planning the ‘entertainment’ and likewise keep games like Mr & Mrs light-hearted especially if there are ‘Mums’ in the audience!

It’s also important to make sure everyone feels involved. Not everyone will know each other and there is nothing worse than feeling like you don’t have a ‘party pal’ on the day. It’s a good idea to plan a little ice-breaker. Maybe ask all the girls to bring a picture of themselves and the hen and tell a story about the two of them and how they became friends.

4. Don’t Get Too Drunk

OK so it’s tempting to start the day with a few breakfast shots followed by an ever flowing river of Prosecco, but getting too drunk too soon is a big no no. Keeping 15 -20 excited girls in line is like herding cats, so try and keep on top of the alcohol levels. Have regular snacks and make sure the day is punctuated by regular feeding sessions. Brunch, afternoon tea and a ‘posh’ evening meal are great ways of keeping the girls’ food / alcohol balance on track and actually ensures that everyone has a lovely day, no one goes ‘missing in action’ and there are no embarrassing ‘incidents’!

5. Make It Memorable

There are literally thousands of hen party ideas out there so make sure yours is memorable. From gorgeous instagrammable props and accessories to special personalised gifts and creative touches like hen-packs; the sky is really the limit when planning your perfect day. But please don’t over plan! Whilst it’s good to be organised don’t turn into ‘bossy bridesmaid’ – your guests are all adults and won’t want to be herded around all day with back-to-back activities. Leave a bit of chill time in the schedule and get to know each other!

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