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The Ultimate Bridal Movie Night

January 28, 2020 (0) Comments

The Ultimate Bridal Movie Night

Whether you’re newly engaged and need a new past-time other than staring at your big sparkler or counting down the last few days till the big day, there’s no better feeling than curling up on the sofa in front of one of these classic wedding movies – even better if you have some of your Bride Squad in tow! Popcorn at the ready…


Famously, legendary writer Richard Curtis (who would later bring you Love Actually) hated Hugh Grant and almost refused to cast him as the lead in this 90’s classic. Thankfully for us, and film history, he was worn down presumably by Grant’s floppy locks and overly-polite charm. Four Weddings will have you crying out “ooh its him/her off *insert name of later film/TV show here* as it became the career spring board for UK acting royalty such as David Haig, James Fleet, Anna Chancellor and of course, Hugh Grant. A must watch for stunning 90’s wedding attire and the English wit that is Richard Curtis’ bread and butter.


If gushy rom-coms and bumbling Englishmen aren’t your thing, Kristin Wiig’s instantly iconic 2011 comedy is like a what-not-to-do manual for your ‘maids. With lines you can quote for every occasion, 9 Labrador puppies and a dress-fitting scene that will go down in history, no wedding movie list would be complete without Bridesmaids. If your hen didn’t go quite to plan, rest assured you can watch this and think “at least it was never that bad” (unless you got arrested and thrown off a plane, if so – bravo!)


This adorably kooky rom-com first brought together the partnership of Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler as a star-crossed couple in miserable relationships, suffering from a serious case of sliding doors. The final scene where (SPOILER ALERT!) Sandler confirms his love for Barrymore at 30,000 feet, with the help of punk legend Billy Idol, will forever be heralded as one of film’s greatest declaration scenes.


From the Queen of noughties rom-coms to her 90’s predecessor, the one and only Julia Roberts is at her best in this hilarious, if rather unorthodox wedding flick. Roberts plays Julianne, a hard-faced food critic whose world is turned upside down when the best friend she’s secretly in love with calls to tell her he’s getting married, to a baby-faced Cameron Diaz. Arguably one of the best films of its decade, the star-studded cast will have you crying, laughing and belting out a Dionne Warwick classic, all at the same time. And if Maid of Honour applications are open, Rupert Everett gets first choice.


Katherine Heigel stars in this bridal classic as Jane, the perennial bridesmaid with a closet full of monstrosities I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. When Jane’s flaky but beautiful younger sister waltzes into Jane’s life and falls for her boss (who Jane harbours a not so subtle affection for) it’s a case of bridesMAID-zilla as Jane struggles with being happy for her sister and scheming to break up the mooning pair. If James Marsden belting out a killer rendition of Bennie & the Jett’s doesn’t get you inspired for your own wedding dancefloor then I just don’t know what will. 


In the noughties you couldn’t swing a cat in the Blockbuster rom-com aisle without hitting Jennifer Lopez, twice. You may however be distracted throughout the film either by a dreamy young Matthew McConaughey playing the romantic lead or how little J-Lo has changed in the 19 years since the film’s release! Don’t be discouraged by the film’s 16% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, this is a feelgood rom com perfect for cosy pre-wedding nights… also did I mention Matthew McConaughey?


If you’re planning a destination wedding – look no further for Greek island, boho elegance with a sprinkling of the greatest band who ever lived for good measure. And while you might not choose the traditional wedding transport of donkey, or have three dads fighting over who gets to walk you down the aisle, who doesn’t want a bit of Waterloo on the dance floor? Ten minutes into this film you’ll be scrolling through Skyscanner for the next flight to Skiathos and we can’t blame you at all. Grab your ‘maids, mum and your granny because this one’s a crowd pleaser.


Continuing on the theme of Greek weddings, Nia Vardalos stars in this beautiful tale of family, culture and forging your own path (plus we all love a good makeover scene). Her father Gus, who has a substantial love for Windex detergent spray is disapproving of his daughter’s new American boyfriend and hilarity ensues as the two families try to make heads or tails of each other. And the best part? If you get swept up in the joy of this beautiful movie and smash all the crockery in the house, just add some more to your gift list!

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