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Tips For Achieving The Ultimate DIY Bridal Glam

February 26, 2020 (0) Comments

Tips For Achieving The Ultimate DIY Bridal Glam

In recent years a makeup artist has become as much of a wedding day staple as the tussle for the bouquet. If you’re looking to save on mounting costs, jetting abroad for your big day or simply feel nervous about trusting someone else with your wedding makeup, investing in your own makeup artillery is the way forward. Alexa, play Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves…

Makeup, just like anything else, needs to be built on strong foundations, which is why skincare is absolutely key to long-lasting, flawless glam on your day.  Booking a consultation with a dermatologist or even skincare counter can help you navigate the labyrinth of well-worn terminologies like ‘oily’, ‘dry’, ‘combination’ and ‘SPF’ and provide a clear direction when carefully selecting products for the big day. Having a clear and informed idea of your skin type focuses your attention to products curated for your skin’s specific needs. Just like you found your perfect match in life, dry, combination and oily skin all connect best with what works for them.

We all remember our teacher’s repeating this til they were blue in the face – ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’. Although this may sound a bit harsh, the best way to ensure you avoid any unforeseen disasters on the day (or nasty surprises with flashback on your wedding photos) is to trial your makeup. A perfect opportunity for this could be a dress shopping day or even your hen do! Make sure you leave enough time to see your glam wears throughout the day and take lots of photos to double check how your products reflect in different lighting or with flash photography.

Don’t stray from what you know. Sometimes with nerves, or the pent-up excitement for the big day, there can be a tendency to do something ‘extra-special’ or push the boat out for your bridal look. Proceed with caution here – the best bridal glam celebrates the beauty of your unique features by delicately accentuating what makes you you. Just like you wouldn’t choose the eve of your wedding for a platinum-blonde dye job and a full fringe, if you love to rock a red lip, or you’re not a fan of false lashes  – stick with what makes you feel comfortable.

Invest in a primer. No matter what your skin type, skin prep is one of the most crucial steps in bridal glam. With the abundance of primers on the market it’s best to do some market research – pop open a bottle of fizz and sit down for some beauty YouTube tutorials to help you choose the one, whether that be an illuminating primer to enhance a lit-from-within radiance or an oil-free balm perfect for anyone who suffers with excess shine.

It’s no secret brides (and grooms!) can tend to shed a few tears on the big day. In order to make sure any stray tears don’t literally rain on your parade make sure you’re armed with a tube of trusty waterproof mascara for extra protection. If you’re opting for an added oomph with false lashes on the day, individual lashes are favourable over strips. Although you may need a few evenings of practice with a pair of tweezers, individuals make sure you’ve got the perfect amount of flutter without overpowering the rest of the look. Not to mention, losing one lash after a few tears is a lot less noticeable than half a pesky strip hanging off!

Be liberal with your blusher. Blusher is often a product that many apply with a light hand, or avoid all together. However, it’s not the case that a little rouge goes a long way as this is usually always the first product to disappear with wear and the heat of the day. Ensure an even flush all day long by selecting the blush product that works best with your skin type – liquid tint, cream or blush stick and set with a powder blusher.

Give yourself time on the day. With wedding day jitters and the culmination of months of planning, brides don’t need any added stress on the day of their wedding. Applying your bridal glam doesn’t need to be a nerve-wracking operation – no one knows your face and the vision you have in mind better than you do! Pop on a relaxing playlist of your favourite songs, set aside double the glam-time you’d normally allow and be sure to have a topped-up flute nearby to steady any pesky last-minute nerves.

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