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Top 5 Red Lipsticks For The Brave Bride

February 26, 2020 (0) Comments

Top 5 Red Lipsticks For The Brave Bride

My Top 5 Choices

A red lip on a bride is so classic and so elegant if paired with a very low key eye makeup, you need to think red carpet Makeup when wearing red or maybe study the looks from the classic 50s starlet styles: Liz Taylor and Marilyn Monroe are great examples of wearing red and they wore it so well.

So for me if a bride wears a red lip and wants to make a statement on the day then the red lip is that wonderful expression that will never go out of fashion.  It is a brave choice I know, but if done and done well it’s incredible.  I have put together the ultimate top 5 red lipsticks that I adore and recommend to all my brides to be, who want to go down that route.

For me this is my absolute favourite look but I appreciate it is not something every bride will go for but I know I have several in 2020 going for this look.

Before you embark onto the whole red lipstick thing you must ensure that the lips are soft and hydrated with no cracking or loose skin.  You can use lip scrubs along with chap sticks and my personal favourite is Dr Paw Paw for good lip preparation.

Stila Stay all Day Liquid Lipstick in shade Beso £17

One of the downsides to a red lip is that they do transfer onto drinking glasses and onto other human beings that you might kiss and being a bride the chances of you kissing the person next to you is pretty high, so a liquid lipstick is a great way of combatting this, however they can be super drying so you must refer to my advice above in making sure the lips are hydrated before wearing one.  My favourite liquid lip is Stila Stay all Day Liquid Lipstick in shade Beso, the colour is, stunning and it isn’t too drying.

Charlotte Tilbury KISSING in shade So Marilyn £25

Charlotte Tilbury products are fast becoming iconic and a sign of luxury and from her vast array of lipsticks and products the So Marilyn from the KISSING formulation is a wonderful red lipstick.  It is a firm favourite of Hollywood A Listers and has been seen gracing the lips of many famous actresses.  I love the tone of it, and it has a nice soft feel on the lip too, the lipstick also contains a secret ingredient and anti-oxidants that protects the lip from UV damage.  The packaging is rather beautiful too she has based all the packaging in the range on vintage makeup packaging and it just gives it an even more luxe feel.

MAC Ruby Woo £17.50

A real classic this lipstick and it is what we like to call a real true red and with this lipstick you also get the added bonus of it being a blue undertone in shade and why this is so good is that it will help to make the teeth appear whiter.  It’s a well-priced lipstick for the quality of it and it has a matte finish so it doesn’t transfer as easily and will last longer but again a matte lip requires a lot of hydration and lip care prior to application.

Dior Rouge Lipstick in shade Red 999 £30

It comes with a high price tag however it is the most iconic shade on the list in terms of cult status.  Formulated in 1953, Christian Dior sought the perfect red for his models on the runway and this is how Red 999 came about and it still, remains a classic today and fully deserves to be the ultimate red lipstick to many Makeup Artists.  It is the most, sexy of shades and it is a personal favourite in my makeup bag when I need a pick me up and a little glamour injection this is the lipstick I will turn to.

Rimmel Lasting Finish My Gorge Red £5.99

I do these top 5 lists and I do like to showcase a lipstick that is cheaper as we all have different budgets and for the money and for the general quality, you can not beat Rimmel lipsticks, they are the best and they last and they stand toe to toe with some of the more expensive lipsticks you can buy.  This again is a classic flattering red and will give you that elegance and glamour without breaking the bank.

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