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Top Trend – Moon Gates

March 6, 2019 (0) Comments

Top Trend – Moon Gates

Floral moon gates, round floral frames or infinity arches are this year’s hottest (and we think prettiest) dressing trend.

As well as adding real wow factor to your day they are an epic multi-purpose accessory that you can get real value from throughout your day.

Big, bold and staggeringly beautiful they make a stunning backdrop for your vows but can also be used as a stylish top-table backdrop, spectacular frame for your cake table or a stunning photo-booth alternative.

We have gathered together a few of our favourites…

Moon Gates – What You Need To Know

The gorgeous Angela from Flourish Flowers tells us her top tips for a truly dreamy moon gate installation…

  • They are not easy to create so best left to a trained florist or event dressing specialist. Definitely not a DIY job!
  • Moon gates are at their best when they are groaning with greenery and bursting with blooms. Ivy and eucalyptus are great for creating the shape with big, bold blooms such as peonies, hydrangeas and roses adding the colour, finishes with more delicate spray flowers for the final flourish.
  • They take a LOT of flowers so best to stick to what is in season / available locally so you don’t have to scrimp on the overall effect
  • Expect to pay around £500 upwards for a simple arch. Depending on the complexity of your design, size and amount of flowers you want this can vary wildly so make you sure you set a budget at the outset
  • You can save money by asking your florist to weave in a few faux flowers to the main design outline or perhaps just go for a part dressed ‘crescent’ shape as this will really bring down the price .

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