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Wedding Favour Flair

October 4, 2019 (0) Comments

Wedding Favour Flair

By – Georgia Hadwin (Features Editor)

It may be a monumental moment in your life calendar, but a lot of your big day is about treating those you love most. When it comes to wedding favours, you want to get it just right for your guests!

A sweet treat, a tasty tipple or maybe something a little more unique? With a wealth of options, we’re doing you the favour of providing nods to individual ideas that will add that extra oomph to your big day. After all, the devil is in the details!

Hangover Kit

A strong favourite amongst couples who suspect their guests might need a little pick-me-up in order to get out of bed (or even last night’s outfit). A pocket-sized kit with all the staples for when the hangover hits. Think refreshing wipes, mints, sweets, headache tablets or maybe even a tiny tipple for those hardcore lovers of a hair of the dog!


A simple, stylish favour that adds depth to your table settings. This petite treat would sit pretty in an alpine wedding setting amongst winter blooms and warm tones. Carrying sweet symbolism of tying the knot- this favour is both poetic and delicious!

Jigsaw piece

A personalised piece of a jigsaw puzzle to represent the final piece to the puzzle of life. Now you’ve tied the knot you can celebrate having solved the riddle of love. What’s more? Your guests can take away this gorgeous memory and look back fondly on your special day

A Taste of the Honeymoon

Whether you’re jetting away to seek some sunshine or you’re staying a little closer to home for your honeymoon, have your guests green with envy and supply them with a little taste of your trip. Be it oils, scents, or a novelty gift that embodies the distinct location- this is a great way to personalise your favour in a unique way!

Home Baked Goods

Who doesn’t love a bit of home cooking? If this is your thing then baking your own treat is not only cost effective but adds a personal touch to your wedding breakfast. Pop your fancy delight in a sweet organza bag to match your wedding colour palette for a picture-perfect addition.

Scratch Card

Providing your guests with a scratch card is a great way to add some jovial drama to your day. Who doesn’t love the chance to win the big bucks? This favour is a light-hearted nod to the all-important promise you’ll remain together for richer for poorer!

Custom Shot Glass

Engraved with your married name and the date of your day, this favour is not only a frame for your favourite tipple but also a take home memory! If you want to go against the grain, have your shot glasses filled with your favourite shot and use as your toasting tool!

Paddle Fan

If you’re expecting sunshine on your special day then providing paddle fans as favours is a treat sure to be welcomed by all. Providing comfort and style, this handy little favour can be folded away and popped discreetly in the purses and pockets of your loved ones.

Disposable Camera

In our modern world we’ve become so consumed with technology that we’ve forgotten that disposable cameras actually exist. Gifting your guests with one will open a world of fun, watch as they snap away at your special day and collect them back as the evening draws to a close – you’ll see your day from multiple perspectives! What better way to look back in years to come?


A charming idea for when twilight descends, sundown sparklers are a super effective way to get your guests interacting. A real box-ticker for young and old, this fiery favour epitomises the vibrant love you and your special someone share.

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