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‘Would Be Wedding Day’ Bliss in The Lakes

May 17, 2021 (0) Comments

‘Would Be Wedding Day’ Bliss in The Lakes

To say it’s been a year of crushing disappointment for many engaged couples is something of an understatement….

Postponements, date changes, glimmers of hope followed by Boris shaped brick walls has led to many couples feeling absolutely despondent and deflated.

Sound like you?

Well one loved-up pair decided to take matters into their own hands this month and create a would-be-wedding day od dreams – just the way they wanted….

When Love Can’t Wait…

One loved-up pair decided to take matters into their own hands this month and create a would-be-wedding day of dreams – just the way they wanted….

When their eyes met over a crowded English pub on a sultry night in Dubai over three years ago it was ‘love at first sight’ for Kayte, a talented photographer and professional drummer Jonathan.

‘I know it sounds like a cliché,’ said Kayte ‘But honestly, we both felt the same. It really was like a lightbulb moment.  From that night on we were inseparable and I thought, finally, this is what it feels like!!’

‘The first 8 months of our relationship were spent long distance – with me flying back and forth from the UK to the middle east for work and Jonathan coming home in between to see his 2 children (Jessica who is now 11 and Lucy who is now 8). It was extremely difficult but we knew there was light at the end of the tunnel. So in May 2018 Jonathan returned home and moved in with me straight away.’

The Proposal

‘We got engaged on Christmas Day 2019 – on the beach whilst walking our dog Ernie. Jonathan asked me to look across the water so he could take a photo from behind with the view. Next thing I hear “Marry You” by Bruno Mars, and I turn around and he’s on one knee. He had a speech, a speaker with a romantic playlist, it was just perfect. Then we had to go home and cook Christmas Dinner for 6 people!

‘We knew we didn’t want a long engagement (neither of us getting any younger!) but also because we had done it before and it was very easy to plan as we knew what we did and didn’t want. I’m pretty sure within 4 weeks of us being engaged I had booked the venues, got my dress, booked a hairdresser, photographer and videographer. Just give me a headset and I’m Monica from FRIENDS! I don’t get stressed with the planning as I love it!’

Then in March the whole world changed…

‘As soon as lock down happened we knew in our hearts we would have to postpone, but we kept waiting for the next Boris update to see if there was any glimmer of hope. When the PM finally announced that shops  and hospitality outlets wouldn’t be opening until July at the earliest – we knew that was it. I cried. Buckets.’

‘We contacted everyone and quickly rebooked for May 2nd next year. Keeping the same venues and details. I had a 10 minute pity party and then moved on. There were people going through much more than us and we were happy and healthy and that’s all we could have asked for.’

‘Talking to my best friend Mindy Coe (who was our photographer – and whom I met 10 years ago whilst working for that same school photography company), I said I wanted to mark the 2nd August with something positive instead of sitting around pouting saying “should have been getting married today”. And that’s where the idea of a would-be-wedding came from.’

The Would-Be-Wedding Of Dreams

The couple picked the magical Howgills Hideaway in The Lakes as their special ‘would-be’ location and started planning.

‘We picked Howgills Hideaway as I had been there once before and loved the views. We asked our best friends to come along and then I got into planning what was the most perfect day ever. Our super-talented photographer friend Mindy jumped at the chance to photograph us and I couldn’t be happier with how they came out. Especially after the amount of prosecco we drank!

‘We got all dressed up, my boho inspired dress was just from Boohoo but I loved it and it was just perfect for the day.  The girls got ready in the caravan and we had a mini 1 hour hen do. It was so much fun!”

‘Then the boys came to meet us and we walked through the thick mud, past the chickens to a gorgeous spot which I had decorated with things I had made and a macramé piece my friend Liz had made us.’

‘We had a small ceremony where we said some gorgeous words to each other and just promised that by our actual wedding day we will love each other even more and despite this being a really terrible year – we’ve had each other and that’s all that matters.’

‘We then popped champagne and had a retro style sports day – egg and spoon, hula hoops the lot!’

The REAL Big Day


So how are the guys going to top this?

‘Next year we get married at the gorgeous Church Farm in Thurstaston followed by a reception at the art deco style Leverhulme Hotel in Port Sunlight. The theme is music and flowers! It’s all based around the important stuff – music, food and booze! We just want everyone to have a blast.  As long as we are surrounded by our friends and family – and all the animals at Church Farm, it will be all we could have dreamed of.’


So what would be your words of wisdom for any couples going through the same thing?

‘Got to be honest – waiting really sucks, we just want to be husband and wife, but we also don’t want to rush it – we want to celebrate with all our loved ones so we are looking at this postponement as an opportunity to make sure we nail all those little details.’

‘To all our fellow couples our biggest piece of advice is – absolutely mark the day if you have to postpone! Do something special, enjoy the fact you can celebrate twice! Do what YOU want to do on that day, without the worry of having to please parents or pay for an aunties 3 course meal who you haven’t seen for 10 years.

“It’s about you and your partner and living happily ever after. The end xx”

All images courtesy of Kayte’s bestie and all-round amazing photo goddess Mindy Coe


Shot on location at Howgills Hideaway


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